Naturally born to make people around me to be HAPPY.

Loves to eat but never gets fat. Loves to stay late up night to stalk bands. ♥ Love to go to different places and loves to try new things.

I can be your Endorphin, your kryptonite and even your Little Secret.

[deep breaths] 1d new songs
silly julian
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Everybody wanna steal my girl


Everybody wanna take her heart away


Couple billion in the whole wide world


Fin another one cause she belongs to me


Falling raindrops.

Raindrops are falling
From the beautiful blue sky
Nothing is perfect


Lumabas si Tatay Jericc at kami lang ni Mahal natira sa room. Tapos tulog yung 3. Sheteeee. -____-

Pusoooo! Wag ka makulit.

Yung katabi ko siya tapos yung pusooooooo koooo.

Medyo katabi ko si Mahal. Si Tatay Jericc kasi pinalipat si Mahal sa malapit tabi ko. ♥

Puso umayos ka! -____-

11:32 AM 9/28/14

Good Morning.
I’m gonna fucking get crazy >___<

Ughhhh. :(


I hate you for giving me a lot of mixed signals. Can I just go back to the fucking time where I don’t care and like you. Ugh. I just hate it. I wanna cry. I want someone to talk to me.

It hurts.

To see the one you love write a poem for someone else.

BFF Fries again. ♥

3 BFF Fries para sa amin nila Dann, Acee, Iann, Lovelyy, Mahal, Carlaa, Ricaa, Inahh, tatay Jericc, at ako. Hahahaha.

Kahit madaling araw na nag order pa din e. :)

Overnight 2 ♥ 9/28/2014 2:38 AM